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Special furnace

Not only the heating equipment or industrial use, we provide our engineering service for any heating product for any industry and system.
We also provide our service and equipment to other industries to meet the demand from the customer.

Continuous rice cooker

This unique equipment is to cook the rice continuously to supply it to convenience stores and supermarkets.
It is not efficient to cook the large amount of rice with conventional rice cooker.
By continuously cook the rice with this equipment, the bulk amount of rice can be cooked within a short period of time.

Equipment Continuous rice cooker
External size W920xD7,000xH860
Controlled temperature 600℃(MAX)
Heat source
Material Furnace SUS steel plate
Others 50kg x 18(MAX)
Continuous rice cooker

Metal knit burner

This is the far infrared burner that is frequently used for metal mold preheating.
The burner is for surface combustion type and it combusts the fibrous form metal surface and gives even temperature distribution. This versatile burner is capable of working on various shape of metal mold and purpose.

Metal knit burner

Equipment Metal knit burner
External size W400xD350xH110
Controlled temperature Approx. 1,000℃(MAX)
Heat source(capacity) LPG(55kW)
Material External:Painted steel plate