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Environmental policy

We now declares for ever lasting environmental policy concerning its product and service that it provide the work of product development, design, manufacture and maintenance with the consideration of global environment.

ECOM shall
a).consider the impact on the environment during the manufacturing process of its products, industrial furnace and gas burner.
improve and progress with its best effort to have a higher combustion efficiency and lower CO2 during the product development and designing.
establish the maintenance service that conserve the environment.
b).execute the environmental audit t and continue its improvement to avoid the pollution.
c).respect the related laws and regulations as well local protocols for the environment then promote the continuous local cleaning activity.
d).regularly go over the direction and objective for the environment depending on the situation.
e).put it in writing and execute it in order to perform the environmental improvement.
f).inform all the concerned staffs in the company about this environmental policy
g).announce the policy to the public.

Managing director: Satoshi Takanashi
※The staff responsible at each company’s department shall make sure to his/her staffs will follow the policy.


ISO 14001:2004
ECOM company limited has obtained ISO14001 on October, 1999. ECOM kept its certification for this ISO on 2004 and 2006 receiving the recognition that ECOM is working on environment management. ISO14001:2004 covers not only the operation in the factory or office but also “furnace, routine maintenance service and unexpected maintenance service”. ECOM is committed to provide its product and service with low impact on the environment and saving energy.
Certified item:
Heat treatment equipment for drying, combusting, humidifying, fusing, baking and annealing .
Designing, production and sales for gas burner, electric heater and various types of plant.
Maintenance and engineering and import/export for heat treatment equipment and gas burner.

”Eco-Eco Green Project” being implemented

We are now implementing”Eco-Eco Green Project” as one of ECOM’s environmental activities at No.3 engineering factory. Lawn covers 70% of the factory premises which the planting started last year. We aim at environmental friendly factory.
We also plant over 50 trees and expect them to work as CO2 absorber.

Eco-Eco Green Project1 Eco-Eco Green Project2

Eco-Eco Green Project3 Eco-Eco Green Project4

(September 22,2008)