Maintenance Service(EMS)

About EMS(ECOM Maintenance Service)

ECOM Maintenance Service(EMS) provides the inspection and repair services for the combustor such as burner. Our service area covers Hamamatsu and Shizuoka cities and as far as Hokkaido and Kyusyu areas. We earn the trust of over 500 customers for periodical maintenance as well as emergency maintenance for unexpected defect.

Prompt response for the trouble

Prompt response for the trouble
The customer installed the equipment for factory production line but, the line does not work ! ECOM is prepared to make a quick action for this kind of trouble.
The trouble may not happen only during the daytime. Early morning, mid night, weekend, we have our EMS service team ready at any time. We do not answer your phone and say “Sorry, no one in charge is available at the moment”. ECOM’s strong point is that not only the EMS team is able to do the service but also our sales staffs are able and ready for the service.

Handling the burner made by other manufacturer

Handling the burner made by other manufacturer
Let us do the job, we are an expert on service for the burner. ECOM’s EMS team often visits the customer and services the burner made by other manufacturers. We receive the call not only from the customer but also from the sales agent as well as the gas company. This means the customer s recognizes ECOM as a service company that can handle anything about the burner.
We provide the service for the burner made by other manufacturers.

Maintenance technique for developing the new product

Maintenance technique for developing the new product
ECOM has started its business from servicing on the burner. We recognize the maintenance business as our core business. By focusing on the maintenance service, we also consider we will be able to manufacture the equipment with less chance of malfunction, easy to use and easy to repair.
Our EMS team is on front line of ECOM’s business facing always to the customer.
We lead the industry by offering the maintenance service and using the service knowledge to the new product to be developed.

Monitoring various furnaces

Gathering the temperature data makes it possible to manufacture good product. ECOM monitors various types of furnaces such as hot blast. Have your furnace serviced for energy saving and ECO Management.

1.Monitoring combusted exhaust gas
We monitor and analyze most of exhaust gas from combusted fuels(liquid, gas and solid) that exhaust gas elements emitted from hot blast, various types of furnaces, heat medium, incinerator and others.

Monitoring item:
oxygen(O2), carbon monoxide(CO), nitric monoxide(NO), exhaust temperature, exhaust temperature, room temperature, pressure
Arithmetic item:
nitrogenous substance density(NOx), carbon dioxide(CO), combustion efficiency, exhaust loss, combustion air rate
※monitoring equipments are combustion air analyzer(HT-1600N: HODAKA) an others

2.Monitoring the temperature
We can monitor various types of equipment(working temperature, temperature distribution). We also monitor the fixed batch type equipment to continuous conveyer type equipment.

Continuous type: 200℃(8h), 600℃(2.75h), 1,000℃(1.25h)
※monitoring equipment: Datapac Insight Furnace Tracker(DATA PAC) and others

3.Temperature calibrator inspection /revision
The heart of the temperature calibration, we inspect and revise the temperature calibrator. We can work on the temperature calibrator, display and recorder made by various manufacturers.
※monitoring equipment: Handy calibrator 710(YOKOGAWA) and others
Monitoring various furnaces

We inspect the possibility of energy saving for combustion equipment

Do you have the energy saving industrial furnace you are using now ?
For the energy saving on your industrial furnace, below three steps shall be applied.
     1.Operational control and improvement
     2.Energy saving unit installation
     3.Fundamental improvement for production line
First step,1.”Energy saving inspection” for operational control and improvement. It is important to understand about the existing operational condition.

thermography image

Safety regulation for industrial furnace was revised

November 20, 2008
Safety regulation for industrial furnace(JIS B 8415) was revised.

The regulation is based on ISO12000(fundamental concept, general regulation for the industrial designing), JIS B 9700(fundamental concept for safety and designing for machinery) and Occupational Safety and Health Act(rev.).
This revision enabled industrial furnace in Japan to have compliance with European regulation(EN746) and US regulation(NFPA86). Considering the future ISO application, safety method is now necessary for the risk assessment.

Routine maintenance and its merit

In order to have the equipment in operation for the longer period of time, routine maintenance is important. Repairing the equipment after its breakdown costs the customer extra expenditure and time and it results as demerit for the customer.
Our routine maintenance enables us to understand the condition of the equipment and prepare for the defect like sudden operational malfunction.
Routine maintenance and its merit

maintenance service with confidence. When the production line is up and running, we see relieved customer’s look and when we work on the routine maintenance and see the smile of the customer, we feel the responsibility that we owe to them.
Do ask ECOM for the maintenance of the burner and other production line equipment.