ECOM, where does the name come from ?

It is an abbreviation of two words “Ecology” and “Combustion” combined. ECOM with its accumulated combustion technology, contributes to the society by striving itself to encounter the environmental issues by reducing CO2 and VOC. The ECOM logo “e” has an image of rainbow over the earth. It is designed by Design department at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture.

About Us

Main Office and R&D 5277-1 Hirakuchi Hamana-ku Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Japan 4340041
TEL: +81-53-585-6661
FAX: +81-53-545-3331
Engineering Factory #3 5281-3 Hirakuchi Hamana-ku Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Japan 4340041
TEL: +81-53-585-6661
FAX: +81-53-585-6662
Founded August 01, 1985
CEO Satoshi Takanashi, CEO
Business Category High end thermo technology engineering
Registered as General Contractor Certified by Governor of Shizuoka Pref.(Gen-16) No.033160
・Electrical Contractor
・Piping Contractor
・Machine Installation Contractor
Employees Qualified as Class-A Chief Gas Engineer's License, Class A hazardous materials specialist license, Manager in charge of pollution control, Liquefied petroleum gas installer, Sales chief high pressured gas, Class A and B piping engineers, Operation chief of organic solvent, Class A boiler engineer, Class A electrical construction managing engineer, Class A and B electricians, Slinging engineer, Licensed electrician, Gas welding technician, Operation chief dry furnace, Qualified energy manager(qualified heat manager, qualified electrical manager), Class C licensed electrician, Floor operated hoist crane technician, Small size mobile hoist crane technician, Arc welding engineer, Mechanical design engineer, Support engineer(mechanical), Class B CAD application technology engineer, others

Corporate history

1985 Shoei,LTD established at Kotoh Industrial Park(Magohri, Hamamatsu)
1987 Started maintenance service for industrial gas burner.
1987 Capital increased from ¥30,000,000 to ¥ 50,000,000
1994 Head quarter moved to the current address in Miyakoda Technopolis
1999 Certified as ISO14001 company
2003 Certified as a company for SMB management support innovation
2004 Corporate name changed to ECOM as 20th anniversary from its establishment
2004 Certified as general contractor
2006 Capital increased from ¥50,000,000 to ¥88,000,000
2007 Third engineering factory construction completed
2008 Sales of “Econext”, an energy saving burner started
2009 Certified as a qualified company for “SMB product development support”
2009 Satoshi Takanashi promoted as CEO of ECOM
2010 “Combustion testing center” opened at #3 engineering factory
2011 Introduced the "thermal fluid analysis software"

We will strive forward to achieve ¥3 billion sales as general engineering company
for thermal technology.

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