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Self-Recuperative Burner


High performance heat exchange unit with the burner that has combustion exhaust gas in the furnace installed, it brings out energy saving efficiency by collecting the waste heat and preheat the combustion air.

Comparison with conventional type

■Comparing the energy efficiency with existing burner
Fuel spending 30%reduction
efficiency Conventional burner ENX burner
Fuel spending 100% 70%
Calorie spending (A) Product processing calorie 25% 25%
(B) Furnace calorie diffusion
(to atmosphere)
40% 40%
Heat radiation
(C) Exhaust calorie 35% 5%

The conventional burner diffuses the 1,000℃ waste heat as it is. ENX burner (Eco-burner) on the other hand collects the waste heat by circulating the combusted exhaust gas in the furnace and supplies it to the burner. In order to increase the heat temperature, it saves the amount of fuel spending and as the result reduces the temperature of exhaust heat.

Burner specification
Heat exchange unit determines energy saving efficiency !
Heat exchange unit determines energy saving efficiency !

Over 400 small tubes enabled the super efficient exhaust collection.
In addition to low temperature type heat exchange unit(600℃), we have prepared special surface coated high temperature type(1,050℃) as well.

Super efficient type Shell & Tube heat exchange unit
Type circular type Shell & Tube heat exchange unit
Thermal resistance inlet temperature at heat exchange unit(inside furnace)
High temperature type:
MAX 1,050℃
Low temperature type:
Eco-friendly(reducing CO2 emission)

Reducing the amount of fuel consumption drastically reduces the amount of CO2 emission.
It also has an effect of lowering the exhaust temperature that improves the work site environment.

Simulating the CO<sub>2</sub> emission reduction

  Conventional burner Eco-burner
Energy consumption at furnace:[NM3/day] 132 84
CO2 emission/year 92.3 58.7
Annual reduction Approx.34 tons
  • Fuel reduction rate: 36%
  • Comparison data: 1,000kg aluminum holding furnace
  • Annual operation hours: 7,200 hours(300 days) 24 hours/day
  • CO2 emission factor: 0.00233t-CO2/NM3
  • Conventional burner: No exhaust collecting ability
    Eco-burner: 900℃ inside furnace, 730℃prehea
  • Gas type: 13A(calorie 11,000kcal/Nm3)
Energy saving

Simulating the energy saving

  • Temperature inside furnace(exhaust gas temperature):1,000℃
  • Preheat air temperature:800℃
  • [in case of town gas 13A]
Fuel saving ratio over 35%
Town gas(13A)

Comparison with re-generating burner
System Heat exchanging unit
Regenerative system
Heat exchange unit Countercurrent heat exchange Batch switching regenerative
Material for heat exchange unit SUS + surface treated Ceramic ball and others
Operational system Continuous run Batch switching
Size ◎small size for main unit and system △large
Initial cost
Temperature efficiency

Energy saving efficiency

Maintenance cost ×

ENX series specification

Type ENX-60 ENX-120 ENX-240
MAX output 60kW
Fuel Town gas(13A), LPG
Gas pressure Nozzle pressure:1.0kPa, Supplying pressure: 10kPa
Air pressure Nozzle pressure:1.0kPa, Supplying pressure: 10kPa
Igniting system Direct ignition
Flame detection
Ultra violet phototube system(ultra vision)
Heat resistance temperature at main unit Select from two types below
High temperature type: heat resisting: 1,050℃
Low temperature type: heat resisting: 600℃
Example of product
Crucible type fusion furnace

When putting solid metal into the furnace with fused metal inside, the temperature of the furnace gets reduced and needs to be heated again.
This furnace saves energy cost by increasing the temperature of preheat air for the burner with the exhaust heat and lower the calorie for heating.

Equipment Crucible type fusion furnace
External size φ1,980xH1,550
(crucible diameter)
Controlled temperature 480℃
Heat source 13A
Burner ENX-240(240kW)
Material External: Painted steel plate
Others 2,000kg/hr

Dolly type annealing furnace (10t type)

Transport system that puts parts in and out furnace is using the truck of self-propelled type.
And we can achieve large fuel saving by using ECO burner.

Dolly type annealing furnace (10t type)
▲Dolly type annealing furnace

Equipment Dolly type annealing furnace(10t type)
Transport type Self truck
External size W3,500xH3,000xD6,000
Processing capacity 10t/charge
:including dolly)
Temperature MAX1,000℃
Heat source LNG
Burner type ENX-120
120kW type×10 unit