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With the feeling for [Growing together], to the second founding period.  Ecology and Combustion Inc. Satoshi Takanashi,CEO

The stock holders meeting on October 20, 2009 officially endorsed and announced my inauguration as president of the company.
Twenty-five years since the establishment of the company, I am the second president of ECOM. My responsibility is to create “The second founding period”. Taking over the company from the first president, I am committed to devote myself to the company growth.

Satoshi Takanashi,CEO

The business environment surrounding us is still impetuous for ECOM’s new company management team. However the trend of encountering the world’s environmental issue such as CO2 emission reduction gives ECOM a chance to expand its business.
One of our main businesses, “combustor maintenance” gives us a chance not only to keep the safety of the maintenance work site but also to conserve the energy and reducing the CO2 emission. The “combustor maintenance” business requires high expertise. We will put this business as one of ECOM’s major businesses by putting our management resource to it.
There are plenty of industrial furnace manufacturers. ECOM aims at one and only “combustor maintenance” company in the industry and is committed to serve the industry with its maintenance expertise.

Based on its accumulated maintenance technology, ECOM will accelerate itself to develop “energy saving burner”, “exhaust recovery Stirling engine” and “VOC processor” systems as well as heating systems such as solar and fuel cell batteries in the energy saving area.
As being specific, we target the sales amount of 3 billion Japanese Yen and 60 company staffs as ECOM’s medium-term management plan in order to build a solid company foundation.

ECOM’s company creed “Growing together, being educated together”, I along with 45 of ECOM’s dedicated company staffs will thrive ourselves to contribute to the environmental friendly society.

I would like to thank all of you for your support to our company.